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episode 90: Darker and Edgier:90’s comicbok review series

Al, Ben and Lee talk about their favorite early 90's comic books. They each talk about two early 90's comic books and what they liked about the comic and how the comic holds up after all of these years. Listen and let us know which are your favorite 90's comicbook.


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Als first pick is Todd Mcfarlanes Spiderman


Bens first pick is Newmen from Image comics


Lees first pick is Youngblood from Image comics


1st appearance of Youngblood in the Megaton comic


Who wants Al to start a fan club like Rob Liefield.

Als 2nd pick X-Factor from Marvel comics

Bens 2nd pick Wetworks by Image comics



Lees last pick: Death of Superman DC Comics

First issues have 4 panels                                                                         Last issue only has one panel







 2022-02-09  1h25m