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Bryce Henson is CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp, the world’s fastest-growing fitness boot camp franchise. Having over 10+ years of experience in the fitness industry and owning 2 FBBC locations, his passion is spreading fitness to the world, in addition to mentoring fitness professionals on how to grow their businesses and change more lives in their local communities. Bryce also co-leads FBBC Mastermind Group, an exclusive coaching group for high performing fitness professionals. Bryce Henson was born in Atlanta, Georgia, grew up in Michigan and has spent most of his adult life in California. He is a graduate of Michigan State University and speaks Brazilian Portuguese fluently, having lived in Florianopolis, Brazil. He holds citizenship in the United States and Portugal. He enjoys world travel and is a fitness expert, coach, author, and inspirational leader.


Rising and Falling as a Team

As a business owner, it's your vision and leadership that drives the direction of the ship. However, it means nothing without the dedicated individuals working alongside you. It's ultimately the team that will help you achieve the end goal. If you're able to lead them, your business will rise, but if you fail to acknowledge that the buck stops with you, you will eventually fail.

In today's Fitness Franchise Podcast, Bryce Henson speaks with Matt Schneider, the Executive Director of Franchise Development of Fit Body Boot Camp and instructor for the Modern Day Knight Project. Matt's journey from a police officer to a US Marshall, SWAT Team member, and eventually a fitness entrepreneur is not one you want to miss. He explains the mindset it takes to be a success, keeping a level head in times of chaos, ineffective leadership, the power of proximity, and so much more.

"Nobody really ever achieves a high level of success by themselves. People can achieve certain amounts of success, but if you want to have real success and real impact, it requires a team." -Matt Schneider

Here’s what you don’t want to miss:
7:00 Combining special ops with a strong self-defense community and tactical leadership
10:00 The value of persistence and the mindset it takes to achieve your goals
14:14 The importance of being intentional with your actions and going beyond your responsibilities
16:32 Keeping a level head in times of chaos and making split-second decisions
18:52 The importance of a team element and when the ego can be detrimental
21:34 Building self-awareness and overcoming your selfishness
26:05 Burning through your working capital and knowing when to pivot
30:27 Ineffective leadership and the proximity of a power
33:46 Having the end in mind and opening the next chapter
39:13 Selling a private business and jumping into a franchise
41:10 Surrounding yourself with good people and building those connections
46:20 Passing on your business experience and elevating new entrepreneurs
53:10 Leveraging your background to help men level up in life

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 2022-03-04  1h9m