Unleashing YOUR Great Work

Unleashing Your Great Work is a podcast about doing the work that matters the most to you. Your Great Work might involve building a business, inciting a movement, creating breathtaking art, writing world-changing books, or helping other people to heal and grow into their potential. Cognitive psychologist and coach, Dr. Amanda Crowell, combines a fascination for human achievement with a passion for helping others to explore how to get YOUR Great Work out into the world where it belongs.



episode 9: A Three-Word-Rebellion to Fuel Your Great Work with Dr. Michelle Mazur | UYGW09

All social movements start by moving away from something. But while the 3-Word Rebellion begins with what you are against, it quickly becomes about what you want to create!

Created by my guest, Dr. Michelle Mazur, the 3-Word Rebellion helps business owners to create a positive 3-word message that grows their business into a movement.

Once you have your 3-word rebellion, what do you do with it?

Join us as we discuss

  • What it feels like to walk away from a well-defined path to build something of your own
  • How a 3rd grade student council election changed the course of history
  • How imposter syndrome can loom large when you are getting started and how to keep going
  • The importance of citing your sources and letting go of getting credit


Michelle Mazur works with brilliant business owners who are shaking things up...but having trouble talking about it. She combines the tools of successful social movements with the qualitative research skills she earned in her communications PhD to help them craft their powerful, captivating message. The author of 3 books (including the newly-released 3 Word Rebellion) and featured in Fast Company, Entrepreneur and Inc., she knows that speaking about what you do in a clear and captivating way is the key to reaching the people you could help the most.





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 March 8, 2022  39m