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episode 186: The History of Toys (or Why Do We Love a Little Guy?)

Jen, Ginny, Nat, & Corrie take a tour through the colossal history toys, asking that age-old question, why do we love a little guy?


1 since the dawn of time, ppl have wanted other ppl to check out the little guy they made.

2 imitative and instructive

3 the earliest toys

4 enlightenment era toys

5 industrialization of toys

6 once plastic hits the scene, it’s all over

7 toys reflect contemporary technologies and cultural values

8 kids, possession over toys, and holiday gift culture 

9 love language tangent

10 toys and child development

11 jacks: sharp but not

12 playdough is timeless

13 everything is a ceremony

14 everybody loves a log

15 cass holman

16 good toys make good people

17 fostering creative thinking vs. pre-destining a child’s future

18 play is life

19 the sucklord

20 designer toys/ art collectible toys/ “urban vinyl”

21 hypebeast collectors

22 kaws

23 the beanie babies craze

24 tamagotchis

25 furbys are creepy

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 2022-03-16  2h14m