The Lincoln Project

Trump may be gone but American politics is still in crisis. The Lincoln Project has sparked a nationwide movement to restore our democracy. This podcast is hosted by co-founder Reed Galen and he is regularly joined by our political experts and guests that helped defeat Trump and continue the mission to stamp out Trumpism and the seditionists who backed him. The podcast discusses today’s political challenges, our vision for the future and how all Americans can be part of our pro-democracy movement.


Don’t Keep Chasing the Rabbit!

Host Reed Galen is joined by fellow Lincoln Project Co-Founder Rick Wilson to unpack where things stand regarding the 2022 midterm elections and give the Democrats a little bit of tough love about what they could be doing better. There is division in the House Select Committee on January 6th and Jared Kushner is cozying up to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman again…this time to the tune of $2 billion. Plus, is Ron DeSantis making a legitimate run at Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election?


 2022-04-13  42m