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episode 72: Multimodal Characterization of Cellular Identity | CITE-Seq and Beyond (Peter Smibert, VP of 10X Genomics)

In this episode of the Epigenetics Podcast, we speak with Peter Smibert, Vice President of Biology at 10X Genomics to talk about an exciting new method in Multimodal Characterization of Cellular Identity using Barcoding.

During his time at the New York Genome Center, Peter Smibert was instrumental in the development of a new method called "Cellular Indexing of Transcriptomes and Epitopes by Sequencing" short CITE-Seq. This method enables the characterization of a cell's transcriptome, while at the same time, also allows the characterization of the cell's protein surface markers - at the single cell level. In CITE-Seq, sequencing adapters are coupled to antibodies that recognize surface proteins, which can then be detected by sequencing.

Further advancements of the CITE-Seq method led to the launch of BioLegend’s TOTAL-Seq and the integration of scATAC-Seq into the workflow. With the integration of scATAC-Seq in the CITE-Seq protocol, it is now possible to characterize single-cells along the path of the central dogma of biology, this is why the method called DOGMA-Seq.



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 2022-04-14  48m