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March Madness, Brady Quinn, And FB Alex Armah

We're live from the sportsbook in New Jersey suffering through the first day of March Madness. Izzo lost his mind, Rovell kept his streak alive, and we read Wofford's roster. (2:35-12:19) The debut of the new country hit who cars it's Louisiana, Louisiana who cares. (12:20-15:17) Former NFL QB and owner of the most fuckable spiral Brady Quinn joins the show to talk about his career in the NFL, his post playing career and the great charity work he does for veterans. (16:34-56:36) Carolina Panthers Fullback Alex Armah joins the show to talk about his citizen arrest and a bonus Mt Rushmore of fullbacks. (58:18-1:14:02) Segments include way to stay relevant Baseball for Ichiro retiring (1:15:25-1:18:41), respect the biz (1:18:42-1:19:57) and new segment Florida Man (1:19:58-1:25:54) 


 2019-03-22  1h28m