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episode 13: Kay Jenkins: Trauma and Hard Work

Kay Jenkins is an example of doing it yourself when the world won't do it for you. This gorgeous and big hearted model, Life Coach, and Real Estate professional talks with Bunnie about her run ins with the law as a teen, and the horrific accident that changed her brother's life. Kay shares how she worked to get her brother the best care possible, and we guarantee you'll be shedding a tear. Kay and Bunnie also talk about how they spent their pandemic, and Kay shares what she can't wait to get done next on her body.

  • "The problem keeps happening until you learn the lesson." - Bunnie
  • "The universe saved me for a reason." - Kay 
  • "Nobody cares. Work harder." - Kay 

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Kay: IG | Kay Jenkins 

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 2021-08-11  48m