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episode 33: Escort Life, Sugar Daddies, and Strip Clubs with Kimber and Ava

Bunnie is joined this week with two beautiful business ladies, Kimber and Ava, to talk about a subject near and dear to her heart, the world of companion services and sugar daddies. The girls break down what it’s really like to work as an escort, how they went from living on a cornfield to a dominating at strip clubs, and they shed some light on things to know before roping in a sugar daddy. 




  • Bunnie got into stripping when one of her exes cheated on her with a stripper, and she knew she needed to show the world how it’s really done. 
  • In the world of working girls there is a sisterhood amongst them (at least the good ones) and they look out for each other and show one another the ropes. 
  • Some clients want their balls crushed, others want GFE, or the Girlfriend Experience. Every experience is different. 
  • Many escorts and working girls start out as strippers, and get addicted to how much money there is to make. 
  • Picturing the backstage of a strip club may seem hot, but if you saw what was really going on it’s enough to turn a straight man gay. 
  • Having a Sugar Daddy has its perks, but also there are major drawbacks. They could feel like they own you, there are no “off” days, and you may have an angry wife chasing you down the street. 
  • Kimber and Ava both have seen a different side of life as a working girl. They’ve been in some scary situations both emotionally and physically. The key is to remember the world stops for no one, and only the strong will get back out there. 
  • For girls looking to get into the industry, Kimber and Ava recommend that you find a sugar daddy or some good regulars. It’s not just about sex anymore. Also, be aware of trafficking laws and don’t be stupid online or IRL.  



  • “If I’m dancing for you naked, it’s gonna be like a washcloth.” - B 
  • “I swear to you, I found a dollar in my ass crack like 30 minutes after I got on stage.” 
  • “A lot of dudes that have a lot of money don’t dress like they do.” 


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