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episode 35: Bunnie and FeFe Read Your Deepest, Darkest Confessions

Bunnie asked for your deepest, darkest confessions and boy, did you guys deliver. She is joined with her main squeeze and co-host FeFe to read some of the juiciest, freakiest, and funniest confessions they’ve ever heard, and even give a few of their own stories along with them. Y’all never fail to amuse us. 



  • Stripping is not a bad thing! Maybe in the 80’s it was taboo, but now it’s so mainstream that there is no need to hide it. 
  • Want to marry a country gangster? Bunnie and FeFe pulled it off, and have high hopes for you too. 
  • Some people are really that hungry for cold hard cash that they will grab it right off poo. True story, and Bunnie witnessed it firsthand. 
  • Ball tickling as a solution to snoring? Bunnie and FeFe think it would just arouse their man, but of course are open to giving it a try. 
  • You may think you’re fooling people into thinking you don’t smoke anymore, but you can always smell cigarettes. 
  • Even the happiest couple still fights, and it’s where you really get to know a person and see how they handle stress and conflict. Plus, fighting can be okay when you have great make up sex. 



  • “I’m an alpha bitch, I run shit all day long.” 
  • “You gotta give him what he wants every now and then, and call it a night.” 
  • “This is why I don’t eat p*ssy. You never quite know what’s going on down there.” 
  • “The key to a happy marriage is to know that there is no such thing as a completely happy marriage.” 



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 2020-01-29  20m