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episode 7: Getting out of your head and into your Dream Audience's heart

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- How last episode’s persona gets you in the right mindset to network and connect without anxiety

- Why Ramadan is a great time to experiment with your personal brand

- The art of getting out of your own head (we had an AMAZING discussion about this in the community, where members shared how quick their experience from awkwardness to confidence was. I was bummed that I couldn’t post it)

This Week’s Exploration

1. If you haven’t already, get and fill in the persona template at

2. Write down your answers to these 3 questions:
- How might you frustrate or be a frustration to them?
- How are you meant to serve them to attain THEIR goals?
- How could you provide more healthy motivation for them to attain THEIR goals?



 2022-03-19  14m