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episode 65: SB 30 Episode 65: An unimaginable childhood, and path to recovery, with author Angie Howard

“I grew up in a one-traffic-light Mississippi town, a place of innocence and nostalgia that never reached my door. A cotton-top little girl, I was entered into beauty contest at the age of eight, but even the strength and poise I learned to present during competitions couldn’t protect me from my neglectful, angry mother and absent father. My abusive stepfather—the third of eleven—used the threat of his pet boa constrictor to ensure I kept his terrifying secrets, while other adults overlooked the trauma happening right under their noses.”

That’s author Angela Howard, from her introduction to her book Sin Child, which recalls a troubling and disturbing childhood in rural Mississippi. But that’s not the end of Angela’s story. Her life presents a hopeful guide for others in their recovery from life’s most difficult traumas.

Join SB 30 host Mark Fleischer in his conversation with Ms. Howard, who shares moments in her childhood and discusses her new foundation, PTSD-ACED ( and her mission to help adults and children navigate their own recoveries.


 2021-03-26  51m