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Exploring Our Stories. StoryBoard Memphis is a nonprofit multimedia resource for news and feature-length stories on local arts, culture, history, and community. This podcast is a longer cut of the half-hour radio show that airs on Memphis's FM 89.3 WYPL each Sunday evening at 5:30 PM. Taken right out of the pages of StoryBoard Memphis, this show asks Memphians to talk about their passions, their initiatives, or to just talk about what makes Memphis, Memphis.


episode 63: SB 30 Episode 63: Discussing Memphis’s vital, and struggling, live music scene. Part I

“These venues provide a laboratory for growth. I’ve played some big gigs and a small gigs, but honestly some of the most substantial exponential growth I’ve ever had was here in town, like with regular gigs. It wouldn’t have happened were it not for those venues.” ~Steve Selvidge, Memphis musician

“If there hadn’t been independent venues, we wouldn’t have had a place to play — at the outset, and almost at any point along our arc of being a band, to the current day.” ~Marvin Stockwell, Memphis musician

“It’s so stressful not knowing if you have your livelihood — something that I’ve worked for my entire adult life. It’s a terrible time, but there was no way of knowing, so I’m just trying to weather the storm really.” ~Brian ‘Skinny’ McCabe, Hi Tone owner

Join Host Mark Fleischer for Part I of this discussion of Memphis’ vital, and now struggling, live music scene. Recorded* in late December 2020 and earlier this year, this podcast takes us from Midtown, Memphis and into the new Hi Tone with Selvidge, Stockwell and McCabe to address the legacy and the challenges of our live music scene during the pandemic.

*Produced in partnership with Cole Early and Pale Moon Media.


 2021-02-05  29m