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Episode 359: Venus is for Louvers

Thanks to Deathkin for naming this week’s episode!

Spaceflight News

— Rocket 4.0 unveiling (

— Chris Kemp asks “why can’t a couple of people launch a rocket?” (

— Astra announced a new UK launch site ( (

— Astra is in the running for the TacRS-3 contract (

Short & Sweet

— Axiom-1 putting strain on ISS (

— Tianzhou-4 successfully reaches Chinese Space Station (

— Non-GPS satellite slated for launch (

— JWST final steps before science career ( ( (

Questions, Comments, Correction Burns

— Joel R. via email: Rover steering wheel, Shuttle drag chute

— Further reading: Mobility Performance of the Lunar Roving Vehicle: Terrestrial Studies - Apollo 15 Results (PDF:

— From the intro: Canoo taking on water? (

This Week in Spaceflight History

— 19 May, 1961. First flyby of Venus, by Venera 1 ( (

— Launched on a Molniya 8K78 ( 

— Next week (5/24 - 5/30) in 2000: Freshly imported


 2022-05-18  1h3m