Unfassbar kurzweilig und konkret weitblickend. UKW hat einfach mehr Reichweite und strahlt weiträumig ab. Das Hintergrundrauschen für Aufgeschlossene.


episode 98: UKW098 Ukraine: Der Kot des Präsidenten ist ein Staatsgeheimnis


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Ein umfangreicher Blick auf die Situation in der Ukraine

Der Krieg in der Ukraine ist nach wie vor blutig und beide Seiten schenken sich nichts. Doch der russische Vormarsch ist weitgehend gestoppt und die Ukraine schafft es die Gebiete um Charkiw herum zu befreien. Während die westliche Allianz weiter zusammenhält und die Waffenlieferungen immer besser anlaufen justieren sowohl Russland als auch die Ukraine ihre Kriegsziele. Während Moskau nur noch vom Donbass spricht wächst der Mut in Kiew, das ganze Land von den Russen zu befreien.

Wir sprechen über die gescheiterte Mobilisierung Russlands, die digitale Organisation der Ukrainischen Armee und natürlich über den sich ankündigenden Beitritt Schwedes und Finnlands in die NATO.

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  • Christo Grozev on Twitter: "..and Ukraine won, predictably, thanks to the European popular vote. The "institutional jury vote" had placed it at #5. In a way, corroborating what we said on a panel at #LMC today - that the EU population is more radicalized - for the first time - than the EU political elites." / Twitter — Twitter
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  • Trent Telenko on Twitter: "This thread will be my Ukraine War overview. Russia is losing 2/3 of a battalion combat group of equipment a day and we are into day 79. That's over 52.6 full battalion equipment sets out of the 120 initially sent into Ukraine & ~180 over all in the Russian Ground Forces 1/" / Twitter — Twitter
  • Rob Lee on Twitter: "Ukraine published documents reportedly from Russia's 1st Tank Army showing its losses through March 15. It lists: 61 KIA, 209 WIA, 44 MIA, and 96 taken POW. Incredibly, the 2nd Motorized Rifle Division's 1st Tank Regiment allegedly lost 45 T-72B3M tanks." / Twitter — Twitter
  • Trent Telenko on Twitter: "This map was direct messaged to me and was taken from a forum. It is a heat map of Russian SIM cards roaming Ukrainian cellphone networks. Logistics Thread This is symbolic of several things. 1. Why you have to take away cellphones from your troops before battle. 1/" / Twitter — Twitter
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  • John Spencer on Twitter: ""The Russians don't have the capability to enter those tunnels [#Azovstal]...this isn't just a normal tunnel, this is a deep tunnel complex...they don't have the training, equipment, or will to enter that...they would lose thousands of soldiers." watch my full @CNN w/@AnaCabrera" / Twitter — Twitter
  • Kamil Galeev on Twitter: "May 9, the Victory Day is a crucial symbolic date. We should expect the Victory Parade and Putin's speech to the nation on that day. What is he gonna say? Many are pondering whether he will: 1. Declare war on Ukraine 2. Declare mass mobilisation in Russia Let's discuss both" / Twitter — Twitter
  • Phillips P. OBrien on Twitter: "Surreptitious mobilization does seem to be taking place, though what it means for Putin's view of his own people is probably more important than what it means militarily." / Twitter — Twitter
  • Igor Sushko on Twitter: "#WindofChange has reached the #RussianPeople. This is how they feel about #Putin's #fascist regime, #mobilization, & war crimes in Ukraine. Please share with everyone - the world must see this." / Twitter — Twitter
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  • ChrisO on Twitter: "If there's one thing that's become a signature of the war in Ukraine, it's the flying tank turret - a problem for both sides, as their Soviet-era tanks have the same flawed designs. But has the wrong suspect been fingered as the murderer? A CSI: UA thread. / 1" / Twitter — Twitter
  • Tomi T Ahonen Standing With Friggin Laser On Head on Twitter: "Mappy Thread About NATO 1/ Today Finnish government announced intent to apply to NATO (Finnish Parliament will vote on it likely already Monday). Sweden will also apply. Both will be welcomed with open arms at NATO There is talk of NATO-Russian border doubling. Let's do Thread" / Twitter — Twitter
  • Tomi T Ahonen Standing With Friggin Laser On Head on Twitter: "Baltic Thread About NATO 1/ So as Finland & Sweden join NATO, some are looking aft the land border but few are talking about the sea lane. A FAR worse problem for Russia. The Baltic Sea stops being a free passage to the Atlantic, and becomes a NATO lake without free passage" / Twitter — Twitter
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  • Timothy Snyder on Twitter: "It is senseless to shelter Putin from the sense that he is losing. He will figure that out for himself, and he will act to protect himself. 1/17" / Twitter — Twitter


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