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Listening to Wikimania 2016

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
in Esino Lario, Italy Host Catherine de Senarclens
in Esino Lario, Italy Guest Marta Pigazzini
in Esino Lario, Italy Guest Flaminio Francisci
in Esino Lario, Italy Guest Quim Gil
in Esino Lario, Italy Guest Doc James Heilman
in Esino Lario, Italy Guest What happens when 1000 wikimedians come stay in a small Italian village high in the mountains? What happens when you combine nature, a global gathering, and the world’s most beloved source of knowledge? This summer, the people of Esino Lario and participants of Wikimania 2016 dared to find out. This is the story of how and why it happenned as well as what the result was. Image by Vincent Plisson CC-BY-SA 4.0 Links:

  • Official Wikimania 2016 Website
  • Linked Data Center
  • Wikiproject Medicine
  • Wikipedia Zero
  Note: In Part II of this series we will delve further into questions about Wikidata, Wikipedia and Education, Wikipedia Zero and beyond with even more guests. So subscribe and become a listener of SCB… this would also make Mark very happy.¬†


 2016-08-01  48m