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episode 1: Marty Strong - Navy SEAL: Be Nimble and Be Proactive


Marty Strong has been a leader for decades, first in uniform as a combat-decorated Navy SEAL, and then in commercial business. In this episode, Marty discusses his career as a Navy Seal and prolific author – the rigors of Navy Seal training, and the transition from a military career to the business world.

After leaving military service Marty spent seven years as a successful investment advisor focused on high net worth clients, ending that phase of his career at the United Bank of Switzerland. He transitioned into business management as a senior vice president for a billion-dollar-a-year defense contracting company.

In 2009, he joined a small, early-stage growth company in this same industry as an equity partner. Since then, Marty has led first one, then two employee-owned healthcare startups as CEO, and Chief Strategy Officer.

He is a thought provoking guest with over 350 appearances to his credit on national cable TV. He is a popular Podcast personality and has conducted hundreds of stimulating interviews in large metro radio markets across the United States. Marty plans to continue writing business insight books over the next few years and is currently working on, Be Exceptional: Personal and Professional Leadership in the age of Optimization.

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 2022-05-27  56m