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Join BastichB from YouTube Channel 64K and Daz from Retro Domination & The Arcade Perfect Podcast as they compare home computer and console games of yesteryear. From the Atari 2600, C64, Zx Spectrum to the PlayStation One and Sega Saturn. The team will cover game publishers from all over the world like Mastertronic, Gremlin Graphics, Capcom, Sega, Codemasters and many more. Join the team and relive your childhood. It's a blast!



Hands On Gaming - ZX Spectrum 40th Anniversary Special

We're back but we're in all our colour clash glory as we celebrate the Zx Spectrum's 40thAnniversary. This is a beginners guide for us as we didn't have this computer growing up in Australia and Sth Africa so we've ask for help from our Zx Spectrum friends to show us what the computer is all about. Please join us as we play through some recommendations we received. Turn your beeper up for some classic Speccy sound.

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Mats https://www.youtube.com/c/gearsofgameschannel

Dave https://twitter.com/SpectrumTintedor https://www.youtube.com/rosetintedspectrum

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 2022-06-19  1h56m