Ear Biscuits

Join Rhett and Link, hosts of the popular daily YouTube show Good Mythical Morning and authors of the New York Times bestseller “Book of Mythicality” in a candid weekly conversation for your Internetainment.



Ep. 14 Chester See - Ear Biscuits

Chester See, who has won the hearts of more than a million teen girls throughout the world with his smooth, soulful voice, extraordinary musical talent, and emotionally drenched original songs featured on his popular YouTube channel, joins Rhett & Link this week to discuss his journey from an energetic Disney Channel host to a shirtless bartender in a Korean club to one of the internet's most famed musicians. The guys also hit on his recent high profile heartbreak, and how a new crush and a thirst for innovation in the new media industry has brought him both personal and professional success.


 2014-01-03  1h14m