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Studying Pixels combines game studies and a joyful engagement with video game culture. Every Sunday, game studies scholar Stefan Heinrich Simond and Japanese scholar Dan Hughes cover anything from reviews of contemporary games to news stories and from academic deep-dives to controversial discussions—all wrapped up in a sincere appreciation of everything geeky. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


episode 19: Kamon: The Origin of the Triforce

The Triforce is one of the most recognizable symbols in gaming, but did you know that it finds its origins in Japanese history? Often these symbols that pop up in video games have deep roots in history, culture, and even religion, and the Triforce is no different. Join us as we discuss the cultural history of this legendary Zelda symbol, including its mythopoeic origins, and its ties to a historical Japanese family!

In our side quests, we then discuss Sony’s acquisition of Bungie as well the flood of high-profile games coming out this month.


00:04:55 Kamon: The Origin of the Triforce

  • Studying Pixels #16 Learning Japanese with Video Games (with Matt/Game Gengo)
  • The Real History of the Triforce (Luke Plunkett)
  • Kunisada, Lord Hojo Tokimasa Dreaming Benzeiten

00:33:14 PlayStation: Bungie deal is about multiplatform, live-service games (Christopher Dring)

  • Sony offers Bungie employees $1.2 billion retention incentive plan (Derek Strickland)

00:45:06 Why a new huge video game is being released every week (Nicole Carpenter)

00:52:30 New Journal: Play/Write Student Journal

00:54:46 A MAZE: Call for Games

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 2022-02-06  57m