Embracing the colours of culture! Sesta is a culture podcast produced and presented by Meltem Burak, a Düsseldorf-based content creator and critic of Cypriot origin. Meltem reviews artistic productions from Cyprus, and hosts intellectuals who contribute to the establishment of a culture of peace in the island. Sometimes, the podcast also welcomes artists and intellectuals from continental Europe. Sesta is overall a platform where the transformative power of arts and culture in peacebuilding is discussed with an open and bottom-up approach.


Sesta – Episode 7: Sesta Pride Special with Alexis Hercules (30/6/2022)

Sesta-embracing the colours of culture! In this seventh episode of Sesta, Meltem Burak hosts author Alexis Hercules. Throughout the podcast, Alexis elaborates on his short story Walk which was published in March 2022 by Arts Against Extremism, a new literary journal dedicated to investigating, understanding and countering extremism. Walk is a sensual short story situated at the heart of nature and war in 1974 Cyprus. Alexis talks about the relationship between Walk`s genesis and his life experiences; his writing style; the idea of 1974 in contemporary Cypriot literature; and his upcoming debut novel Patéras. Alexis shares a small section from Patéras whichwill be published in autumn 2022. The novel is about the social perception of women, patriarchy and domestic violence. This seventh episode is the continuation of Sesta Pride Special series celebrating June, the International Pride Month.

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 June 29, 2022  26m