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Welcome to Unionist Central. This channel is dedicated to exploring the Political, Philosophical, and Economical Sphere by debating and conversing about key concepts that relate to these sectors. The name is an attempt at formatting our own ideology entitled Unionism. The channel is at its core a Left Wing one, but we intend to take an in depth and fair look at each of the topics brought up on the channel. We hope you will join us as we embark upon our adventure into the complex and exiting realm of the modern world. Episodes will be hosted by Andrew Gould and are currently released on an inconsistent schedule. Cheers- The Unionist Team



episode 4: [Special Episode Four:] Taking the Political Compass Test Part Two

Special Podcast Episode Four of the Unionist Central Podcast. This is Part Two of Three videos in which I take a look at the Political Compass. I took the test and responded to each of the questions. Although the test itself is not the best metric for political standing it is a fun activity and the questions can be thought provoking. There were issues with the date of the first video which is what has caused the disturbance in scheduling. Below are links to the Political Compass, as well as other tests I would recommend.

Political Compass: https://www.politicalcompass.org/test

Eight Values: https://8values.github.io/

Nine Axes: https://9axes.github.io/


 2021-12-10  20m