Unionist Central

Welcome to Unionist Central. This channel is dedicated to exploring the Political, Philosophical, and Economical Sphere by debating and conversing about key concepts that relate to these sectors. The name is an attempt at formatting our own ideology entitled Unionism. The channel is at its core a Left Wing one, but we intend to take an in depth and fair look at each of the topics brought up on the channel. We hope you will join us as we embark upon our adventure into the complex and exiting realm of the modern world. Episodes will be hosted by Andrew Gould and are currently released on an inconsistent schedule. Cheers- The Unionist Team



[Society of Reason Trailer:] Concept and Explanation

Society of Reason, Concept and Explanation. Society of Reason is a new series I plan to start working on for this channel. It will be the main series in production for the time being, but it's not replacing the content already produced on the channel. In this video I explain why I decided to start this new series, as well as give some insight as to what the production for these podcast episodes looks like.


 2021-12-10  6m