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How did your favorite Linux distribution get its start? Join us and find out! Linux User Space is hosted by Leo and Dan, and every two weeks we deep dive into the history of Linux distributions and the things that matter to us. Episodes drop every other Monday.


Episode 3:01: Total Community Protection

0:00 Cold Open
2:00 We're Open Source Denizens
12:23 Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes
15:58 Mozilla Watch (feat. Brave)
33:02 OMG OOMD
48:51 Community Focus: The Postmarket OS Podcast
52:25 App Focus: Amberol
1:02:30 Next Time: Ubuntu
1:04:16 Thank you
1:05:10 Stinger

Coming up in this episode

  1. We'll chat on the deck
  2. Watch some Mozilla
  3. Drop some cookies for season 3
  4. and listen to some blurry tunes
  • Steamdeck
  • Changes to the show.
  • Introducing "Community Focus"
  • Distro history will be on even numbered episodes
  • What do you think of TilVIDs
  • Give us a sub on YouTube
  • You can watch us live on Twitch the day after an episode drops.
Mozilla (Browser?) Watch
  • Total Cookie Protection
  • Better mic support in 101
  • Firefox 102
  • This release will be the new ESR as the current Firefox 91 ESR goes EOL 9/20/22
  • De-AMP with Brave
More Announcements
  • Want to have a topic covered or have some feedback? - send us an email,
  • SystemD OOMD service
  • The reddit thread that started the conversation
  • SystemD OOMD nukes your applications
  • SystemD OOMD is getting fixed?
  • Canonical's Nick Rosbrook has opened a PR
  • For reference Fedora enabled OOMD in F34
  • Fedora had a couple of issues like this and this too.

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Community Focus

PostmarketOS Podcast

App Focus

Emmanuele Bassi

Next Time

**We will discuss Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and the history.

Come back in two weeks for more Linux User Space

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 2022-07-04  1h6m