Knitmoregirls's Podcast

Gigi and Jasmin co-host a knitting podcast featuring regular segments such as "On the needles", "Mother Knows Best", and "When Knitting Attacks!"


episode 680: A Vortex- Episode 680- The Knitmore Girls

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On the Needles: (0:39)

  • Genevieve wound Magpie Fibers Nest Worsted "Twilight Dark”.
  • Jasmin is nearly done with the body of Sam's Gramps cardigan by Tincan Knits
  • Gigi Andrew’s socks:bound off second one 
  • Jasmin finished with her L'Escargo Bleu shawl in Sea Change fibers Ecola Worsted
  • Gigi wound yarn for Stephen West shawl 
  • Genevieve wound yellow, blue, hot pink, neon green, light blue, purple, shrimp pink, and light neon green mini skein for her sweater
  • Gigi :the Elton cardigan, super wash merino, from Neighborhood Fiber Co  right front shoulder is done , back and fronts are joined
  • Genevieve wound some dark blue sock yarn for the body of her sweater
  • Jasmin finished the Intermezzo beaded cowl ( Lisa Souza Cashmere/Silk “Squashblossom” )
  • Jasmin pulled the Gatsby shawl by Dawn Henderson in Ocean by the Sea “Quill”
  • Gigi tube socks: Always Be Kind Yarn, Inclusive Pride Stripes, with a yellow mini skein for Genevieve.
  • Jasmin is progressing on her crocheted the XY scarf in the 19th Amendment kit from Lady Dye Yarns.
  • Genevieve swatched for her sweater, with the dark blue sock yarn and the yellow mini skein 
  • Gigi: bound off second Andrew sock, 
  • The tutoriak for patterned pompom is in the "Glow Up" collection from Knitted Wit.



  • Jasmin & Diane from Lady Dye are co-hosting a KAL! The Sea Glass Pullover (in DK).
  • It has started!
  • Stash Dash has started! May 27 - End of August
  • Tour de Fleece  July 1st - 24th
  • STITCHES SoCal in Pasadena!
  • Rhinebeck! (Hopefully.)


  • Mother Knows Best:(25:39)
  • Stay informed but protect your mental health. 
  • Rage cleaning. 
  • Joy Scrolling. WerateDogs 
  • Brooklyn 99, Bobs Burgers, The Great North
  • Modern Family , Black-ish Gardening , Comedy show, Working Out, Rage Dancing, 
  • Tell us how you manage to hold on to the remaining threads of your sanity !



When Knitting Attacks:(25:39)

  • Genevieve had problems with color work
  • Jasmin: afterthought bead fix 
  • Gigi:sock for Andrew, neglected to turn the heel 
  • Gigi is being vexed by slippery mohair





Purloined: (39:09)

From Cogknitive : Put a Lid on it

Cooking with Genevieve 


And Sew On:(43:05) 

8646:Vogue dress, noodling on Pinterest, 

Finding new patterns  : fit and flare



 2022-07-11  1h9m