30 years music passion, joy and the ability to inspire others, that takes the cake, if you talk about Sandra Gold. Always stay on the ball and give more than 100 % - that's her claim. Because if you stop getting better, it stops you being good. She never had to hide behind a stage name, because "Gold" is her surname since birth. Her sound can’t be reduced to a style. Versatile she cross boundaries and meet the audience with her own "Definition of Electronic Dance Music"! Sandra is known and loved for this. So popular that she won the Munich Nightlife Award 2014 in the category DJ Techno - House. But Sandra Gold is not only a DJ, she also has her own label and a series of events with DISCOTRIBE. Under this brand, she not only satisfies the cravings for electronic sounds of the old school, but also presents driving beats and basses of contemporary design in an innovative-ornate robe...



DISCOTRIBE PODCAST #22 by Kommissar Keller

Next DISCOTRIBE PODCAST #22 mixed by @Kommissar-Keller: "This podcast is another excursion into the Kommissar Keller cosmos. The monotony of the techno beats gets wings through sound collages like a mystery movie. Tension and colorful ambient sounds create a wide arc of suspense. A complete feature film is playing before my eyes. It starts light and swinging until at some point the techno maelstrom takes control. So enjoy this trip." Tracklist: 01. Burial vs. Sainib - Young Death (Kommissar Keller’s 2 a.m. Movie Version) 02. Marco Lazovic - The Day Who Was Not 03. Och - Whalesong 04. Margot - Amora A Bordo Pista 05. The MFA - Solitude (Kommissar Keller Extension) 06. Sternenspringer - Lichtlaufzeit 07. Technobeton - Velodrom 08. 591. - Obsession 09. Oorsprongpark - Elevator Kitsch 10. Kimshies - You Dust (Roe Deers Remix) 11. DJ XTC - Functions Of The Low (Phrex Remix) 12. Jim Clarke - Qualification (Round 4) 13. :F/cken Chipotle - Yolo 14. Brian Burger - Assault 15. Jota Karloza Feat. Yor Kultura - Om (Kommissar Keller Amazonia Edit) 16. Red Axes - Coola 17. Riccicomoto - Shadows And Lights 18. Kad - Polarity 19. Westlake & Hayter - Franky Goes To Hollywood 20. Ivoryghost - Deadlock 21. Neptun Dive - I Love You (Kommissar Keller Remix) https://www.mixcloud.com/KommissarKeller2/ https://soundcloud.com/kommissar-keller https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0TG9i03R7iZs8O6SCeHQDh


 2022-07-13  1h26m