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episode 4: Pros And Cons Of Using Terraform With Kubernetes

On today’s Kubernetes Unpacked podcast we explore tradeoffs that come with using Terraform to manage Kubernetes. My guest is Luke Orellana, a Site Reliability Engineer at Microsoft who uses Kubernetes day to day. He’s also a HashiCorp Ambassador. In addition to the Terraform conversation, we discuss differences between managing VMs and Kubernetes. We also discuss Kubernetes benefits including self-healing, and downsides such as dealing with the complexity that comes from containers and microservices.
Other topics include:

* Ops vs. Devs using Kubernetes
* Using Terraform with Kubernetes and things to watch out for
* Skills gaps and learning curves
* Container visibility
* More

Show Links:
@LukeOrellana – Luke Orellana on Twitter
Luke Orellana on LinkedIn
Azure Kubernetes Service – Azure
Introduction to Azure Kubernetes Service – Microsoft
The Phoenix Project
Your Host:
Michael Levan brings his background in system administration, software development, and DevOps to this podcast. He has Kubernetes experience as both a developer and infrastructure engineer. He’s also a consultant and Pluralsight author. You can also see his free instructional videos on YouTube.


 2022-07-15  27m