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Wednesday 24th June 2020. World News in easy English.

World News in 7 minutes. Wednesday 24th June 2020. Transcript here: Today: "Disturbing surge" in US. Twitter vs. Trump. Mexico earthquake. Brazil Judge vs. Bolsonaro. Chile and Bulgaria leaders break own rules. Malawi's election. Arab League talk Libya. Kyrgyzstan ex-president jailed. Houthis attack Saudi Arabia. Johnson opens pubs. Djokovic criticised for getting COVID. And a smelly fruit... Tell us the news in your area - send a whatsapp audio message to +44 7307 872842Please leave a review on apple podcasts or on podchaser in English or your native language. --------------------SEND7 (Simple English News Daily in 7 minutes) tells news in intermediate English. Every day, listen to the most important stories in the world in slow, clear English.This easy English news podcast is perfect for English learners, people with English as a second language, and people who want to hear a fast news update from around the world. SEND7 covers all news including politics, business, natural events and human rights. For more information visit    


 2020-06-24  7m