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Wealth is not about money in the bank. Wealth includes good health, an abundance of friends, wealth can be an amazing relationship. Wealth is a state of gratitude. Kundalini Yoga- This is the oldest yoga and dates back to India over 5000 years You CAN protect yourself with yoga, prevent illness, and increase your prosperity. Wine - I am a Francophile I love all things French, especially the wines Therefore, I am biased when discussing wines and for many reasons. But listen to the podcast. It’s quicker. It’s FUN learning some easy fundamentals about wine and food pairing.



Struggling with Social Media? EZ Solution

Social Media Stress? Social Boom to the rescue..


1) Struggling with Content , uphill battles posting meaningful creativity 

2) Three Key points to help you with Content

3) Create two different easy types of posts 

4) BATCH- creating several posts at once, release one a day

MYTHS they tell us- daily posts, dancing, pointing,.... young and pretty, ‘spend an hour on hair, make up NO NO NO


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Dan and Travis will also teach you how to create a winning Profile:  Stand out Picture, Low Following account, Short Highlight Titles and more. 

Just do it 


Kundalini yoga

This is a kriya to destress your Brain

Sikh.net calls it BRAIN ACUPUNTURE 



This link will take you to the class choices.   Click on Master Perception and listen a few times.  Not just once!


WINE West Palm Wines 


 Princess Palm: $39.99 per month - Includes 1 white and 1 red.

Queen Palm: $125.00 per month - Includes 3 top reds

All packages include shipping within the state of FL.


For the very discriminating palette or collector we also have the

VIP Royal Tier Membership:

*Exclusive QUARTERLY Offering: (Starting June 1st, September 1st, December 1st)

King Palm Cellar Selections: $300.00 per quarter 

Includes- 3 bottles of hard to find, rare, collectable and amazing wines, our tasting notes as well as professional wine critic scores, food pairings, recipes and the ability to purchase more of these allocated wines at special pricing.


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