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Episode 497: Sam Sanders

Sam Sanders is the former host of NPR’s It’s Been a Minute. He hosts Vulture’s Into It, which launched last week.

“I don’t think I ever wanted a career where I was doing the same thing for 30 years. I think that, editorially, I had become someone who was really contemplating what kind of capital-j journalist I wanted to be, want to be, and I was questioning a lot of rules and the structure of what we think journalism is supposed to be, and I think I needed to be away from a legacy institution like NPR, at least for a spell, to work that out.”

Show notes:

  • @samsanders
  • Sanders’ NPR archive
  • 02:00 It’s Been a Minute (Sam Sanders • NPR • 2017)
  • 02:00 NPR’s Politics Podcast (Tamara Keith and Scott Detrow • NPR • 2022)
  • 28:00 "Eric André Talks ‘Bad Trip’ and Dangerous Pranks with Sam Sanders" (It's Been a Minute • April 2021)
  • 29:00 "Joel Kim Booster Reflects on the 'Pride and Prejudice' of Fire Island's Party Scene" (Fresh Air • June 2022)
  • 30:00 Psychosexual (Joel Kim Booster • Netflix • 2022)
  • 32:00 "Maya Rudolph Once Struggled With Identity And Belonging. Now It's Her Inspiration" (It's Been a Minute • Aug 2021)
  • 33:00 "Jennifer Lopez on Longevity and 'Second Act'" (It's Been a Minute • Dec 2018)
  • 34:00 "A 1998 Jennifer Lopez Interview Is Going Viral for Her Comments About Other Actresses " (Kimberly Truong • InStyle • Sept 2019)
  • 41:00 "The Business of Beyonc‪é" (Into It • July 2022)
  • 48:00 Inside the Actors Studio (James Lipton • Bravo • 1994)
  • 50:00 "Longform Podcast #491: Lulu Garcia-Navarro"
  • 50:00 "Host Sam Sanders Calls Out NPR, Media Industry for Lack of Diversity: 'It Doesn't Sit Well'" (David Oliver • USA Today • March 2021)
  • 50:00 "NPR Hosts' Departures Fuel Questions Over Race. The Full Story Is Complex" (David Folkenflik • NPR • Jan 2022)

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 2022-08-03  1h3m