The Glass Cannon Podcast

In the spirit of old-school tabletop role-playing games, a collection of five super-nerds engage in an Actual Play podcast of Paizo's Giantslayer Adventure Path. Using the rules of the Pathfinder RPG system, the Glass Cannon interweaves immersive storytelling with irreverent, improvised humor to deliver the experience of what it's really like to sit around a table rolling dice and ball-busting with your best buds. In May of 2022, the original adventure came to an end and a new adventure began with the touring Glass Cannon Live! show playing the Strange Aeons Adventure Path converted to Pathfinder 2nd Edition as of Glass Cannon Live! Episode 38. The Glass Cannon Podcast is an officially licensed podcast of Paizo, Inc.


Glass Cannon Live! Episode 42

The boys made their first stop in San Francisco, but it certainly won't be their last as the crowd was one of the hottest in Glass Cannon Live! history! It was a wacky night in the Dreamlands as the heroes found themselves at an opulent party in a strange city, having to fulfill an odd request.

Join Troy Lavallee, Joe O'Brien, Skid Maher, Grant Berger and Matthew Capodicasa as they tour the country playing the Lovecraftian Horror Strange Aeons Pathfinder Adventure Path.

Watch the video here:

Recap 13:43

Gameplay 19:57

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 2022-08-09  2h26m