Morally Indefensible

From Marc Smerling, the creator behind The Jinx and Crimetown, comes a story of murder, friendship and betrayal. In 1979, Ex-Green Beret Doctor Jeffrey MacDonald was convicted of the murders of his pregnant wife and two young daughters. When he meets a famous young journalist named Joe McGinniss, the two become fast friends. Joe agrees to write a book about Jeff’s case to finally reveal the truth. The book, Fatal Vision, became a smash bestseller and a TV limited series watched by millions of people. But the story it told wasn’t the story Jeff expected…And that sets off a series of events that ruins both their lives. Morally Indefensible is a companion to the FX docuseries, A Wilderness of Error coming to FX September 25, and streaming next day on Hulu.


episode 1: Chapter One | February 17th, 1970

Jeffrey MacDonald was the all-American boy. A green beret doctor with the perfect family. Joe McGinniss was a literary sensation - the youngest journalist to ever make the New York Times bestseller’s list. A bloody night in 1970 would bring them together, and change both their lives forever…

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 August 18, 2020  35m