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Radio War Nerd EP 342 — Crimean Wars, 1853-2022

Recorded: August 11, 2022 The War Nerd & Ames update the latest in Russia's invasion of Ukraine — the mysterious attack on Russia's Saki airbase in Crimea; possible failed Ukrainian counteroffensives in Kherson region; controversies over Amnesty International report, Olenivka POW camp bombing, Zaporizhya nuke plant shelling, force exhaustion... At 1:04:00 - We discuss the Crimean War (1853-56), and its echoes today. For more on the Crimean War, check out RWN EP 67. Intermission music by Brendon Anderegg.  Total time: 1:33:43 Direct link to this episode's mp3 here 


 2022-08-14  1h33m