Science Adventure Stories For Kids

Amazing adventures hosted by Simon, the one and only Fact Finding Frog! Totally full of true facts, excellent sound effects, cool music, and Simon's jokes! All of Simon's 38 Adventures are now available to purchase on You can buy the whole collection or just your favourite episodes. On Bandcamp you can listen to each adventure up to 3 times before you need to buy. That means you can test drive their excellent app while you do that.


Simon's Weaver Ant Adventure

This is definitely Simon's BIGGEST Adventure ever, but to get into it, you'll have to become tiny!

Along the way you'll imagine getting sprayed with Pheromones, you'll check out a mini medieval village, and stroll past some very serious security guards, straight into the Queens royal chamber.

It's all happening way up in the ancient treetops of Australia's Kuranda rain forest.  

All of Simon's Adventures are available at BANDCAMP

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 August 16, 2022  45m