Give The People What They Want!

A weekly podcast on the struggles that define our world with Vijay Prashad, Prasanth R, and Zoe Alexandra. Producer: Surangya ; Artwork: Tings Chak


Give The People What They Want! Fire at Cuba’s Matanzas oil storage, Brazilians fight for democracy

Join us tonight in a new episode with Prasanth R, Zoe Alexandra and Vijay Prashad bringing you your weekly roundup of movement news.  

Stories this episode: 

???? Over 900,000 Brazilians sign letter in defense of democracy 

???? Sanctions fuel the fire at Cuba’s Matanzas oil storage 

???? Outrage in Guatemala following arrest of journalist José Rubén Zamora Marroquín  

and more.


 2022-08-17  30m