The Punk Tree

Mike, Jesse and Aaron discuss the history or some of their favorite music. They follow the branches of punk rock from hardcore to emo and screamo to indie rock.


episode 6: Even the Kremlin Has Some Color in It

The guys talk with musician & futurist educator Kwaku Aning about protest music, politics, history & his cameo on Celebrity Apprentice. 

Black Lives Matter.

Slick Shoes-By What Right

NOFX-Perfect Government

Bad Religion-American Jesus

Dead Kennedys-Kill the Poor

Dead Kennedys-Police Truck

Switchfoot-The Sound

Pedro the Lion-Yellow Bike

Pennywise-Fuck Authority

Dead Kennedys-Police Truck

Prophets fo Rage-Prophets of Rage

Public Enemy-Fight the Power

RATM-Killing in the Name

RATM-Bulls on Parade

RATM-Down Rodeo

Black Flag-Rise Above


Bruce Springsteen-Ghost of Tom Joad

Fugazi-I'm So Tired

Mos Def-New World Water

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 June 30, 2020  1h24m