The Punk Tree

Mike, Jesse and Aaron discuss the history or some of their favorite music. They follow the branches of punk rock from hardcore to emo and screamo to indie rock.


episode 7: American Arson "A Line in the Sand"

We hang out with the band American Arson & discuss their new album "A Line in the Sand". Evan Baker & Jesse Gentry share about songwriting, shifting ideology, creating a "wall of sound" & English Soccer. 

Including tracks:

American Arson-Drop Your Daggers

Dragged Under-The Real You

Old Solar-Spring Equinox…

Coheed and Cambria-Wake Up

American Arson-Drop Your Daggers

Dayseeker-The Earth Will Turn

Gaslight Anthem-Dark Places

Ash Soan

Sleeping Giant-Finished People


American Arson-Forever

Wolves at the Gate-A Voice in the Violence

American Arson-Unbreakable

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 July 2, 2020  1h11m