The Punk Tree

Mike, Jesse and Aaron discuss the history or some of their favorite music. They follow the branches of punk rock from hardcore to emo and screamo to indie rock.


episode 11: At the Show Part 2: Dr. Seuss Lives Loose

Back in action with tea bags, talky talk and SO MUCH LIVE MUSIC!

Featured Tracks:

Further Seems Forever - Rusted Machines

A Wilhelm Scream - Apocalypse, Figure Eights in My Head

Further Seems Forever - The Sound

Knuckle Puck - Want Me Around

Silverstein - Worlds Apart

The Starting Line - Direction

Strung Out - Modern Drugs

Rise Against - Talking To Ourselves

Descendents - Enjoy!

Urethane - Avalanches (feat. Toby Morse)

Deviates - Twice as Nice

Letter Kills - Don’t Believe

Strung Out - Hammer Down, The Misanthropic Principle, Rebellion of the Snakes

Lulls in Traffic - Rabbit in the Snare

Featured Drinks:

Brewery X - Citra Loves Nelson

Modern Times & Ninkasi collab. - Dubspace

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 May 3, 2022  44m