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THE STORY SONG PODCAST is the music review, comedy, pop culture podcast that provides commentary, analysis, and the history of narrative songs from all genres and all eras—from obscure one-hit wonders to well-known classics, and some of the biggest hits of all time. Join your hosts as they discuss details only hinted at in the lyrics and speculate about every aspect of each song. We tell the story of the songs that tell a story.


episode 16: Patches by Clarence Carter

No, not that Patches. The other Patches. On this episode of THE STORY SONG PODCAST, we review Clarence Carter's 1970 R&B hit, "Patches." Find out why all songs about people named Patches can't help being sad, see where this song fits into the Story Song Expanded Universe, and learn about farming as an after-school job option. We're depending on you, son. So put down that shovel and listen to this episode of THE STORY SONG PODCAST. All the cool kids are doing it. 

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 May 27, 2019  1h9m