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209: Just Don’t Smell the Flowers


The first rule of Rubicun III is don’t play in the flowerbeds. No wait … that would be “run everywhere.” But staying away from the flowers is definitely rule number two. And if don’t obey the rules, there’s only one punishment: death. The boy, Wesley Crusher, learned this the hard way when Picard allowed his crew to go on shore leave on a pre-warp world.

In this episode of The Ready Room, we’re joined by Bruce Gibson and Luke Weir to discuss “Justice” … and why there can be none when laws are absolute. We also debate whether a system of absolute laws could actually work, the highly sensual nature of 1987 Star Trek, the obsession with god-like aliens, and more.

Plus, in our news segment we discuss recent Star Trek: Discovery news and the forthcoming Deep Space Nine documentary.

Star Trek: Discovery Details (00:03:48)
DS9 Documentary (00:19:51)

Feature: Justice
Initial Thoughts (00:30:20)
The Boy, Wesley Crusher (00:38:30)
Let’s Get Racy! (00:40:25)
An Eden-like Feel (00:49:27)
Forbidden … Temporarily (00:52:36)
Can Absolute Rules Work? (01:03:52)
The God Thing (01:12:15)
The Original “Justice” Concept (01:19:14)
Final Thoughts (01:37:06)

C Bryan Jones and Bruce Gibson

Luke Weir

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 2016-08-24  1h42m