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Radio War Nerd EP 344 — Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait, with Aamer

Guest: Aamer  Recorded: August 29, 2022 Aamer returns to talk about Saddam Hussein's 1990 invasion of Kuwait, which Aamer's family lived through. First we discuss the invasion & occupation. After the break Aamer explains the origins of "the little fort" and the Sabah family, and traces the relationship between Kuwait and Iraq through the 20th-c. Previous episodes with Aamer:-The Grand Mosque Seizure (EP #298)-Inglorious Qataris' Bustards (EP #279)-Bahrain (EP #268)-Arab Conquests Series:--Arab Conquests, Part I: Pre-Islamic Arabia to Muhammad (EP #246)--Arab Conquests, Part 2: Rise of a New Empire (EP#249)--Arab Conquests, Part 3: From Khorasan to Egypt (EP #251)--Arab Conquests, Part 4: Reign of Ali to Battle of Karbala (EP #255) Total time: 1:49:49 Direct link to this episode's mp3 here 


 2022-08-31  1h49m