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episode 16: Kyle Stück on hobbies, work, passions and horror.

In this episode, we hear from podcaster, comic creator and very nice person, Kyle Stück.

We kick off straight away with learning more about Kyle's podcasts, 'Humming Fools' and 'The Night Shift', what they are and why he decided to start them. Kyle shares his current feelings about geek culture, his struggles with keeping up with comic books and superhero movies and why he's gravitating more towards indie comics and horror films.

Kyle also shares with us how he took a very unorthodox route into being a comic book writer and creator, diving in head first and then realising he doesn't actually know what he's doing. He tells us how he navigated that quagmire and came out the other side with an amazing product which has now gained the attention of publishers.

We finish off by learning about Kyle's journey into geek culture and how he managed to nurture a love of horror while growing up in a conservative household with restrictions on what media he could consume.

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 2022-09-12  1h53m