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episode 178: Dog Walking: Why To Start, How Often, And Where #178

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Why is it important to walk your dog daily? Besides the obvious health benefits of exercise, we’re looking at the advantages of daily dog walking that many people don’t realize. Sometimes people can give a list of reasons not to walk their dog, so we’re covering why to start and what defines appropriate exercise for dogs.


In the episode you'll hear:


• That our dog Tater Salad does not particularly like walking at certain times.
• About the health benefits of walking for dogs.
• What my friends Dr. Karen Becker and Rodney Habib say about canine exercise.
• Why leaving your dog out in the backyard is not exercise.
• That dogs benefit from a change of scenery and it can reduce stress and behavior issues.
• How taking your dog for a walk presents great training opportunities.
• The reason to find opportunities for your dog to go for a run off leash.
• About walks being relationship building and special adventure time for you and your dog.
• That walks have benefits for us and how I make a habit of gratitude when walking.
• What types of dogs should not be walked and what you can do instead.
• The common denominator in dogs with long life spans.




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 2022-09-14  14m