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episode 265: Ageism, Misopedy, Adult Supremacy, Child Liberation, Childism, Adultism, Child Rights, Etc.

The Wrong Boys compare and contrast the big words floating around the ideas of age discrimination, anti-youth sentiment, anti-elder sentiment, and try to unpack the way they might be useful or complimentary. Also, the “child listening inc.” guys become incredibly rich by listening to children. Tune in now.

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Theme Song by Far Flowers

Toby Rollo on Settler Colonialism & the Ontological Misfortune of Childhood
NO! Against Adult Supremacy — Vol. 10 | The Anarchist Library

“Childish” shouldn’t be an insult. | by Alba M. | Out of the pen of babes. | Medium

Trust Kids! edited by carla bergman | Trust Kids! (


 2022-09-16  46m