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Episode 504: Pablo Torre

Pablo Torre is a sports journalist and the host of the ESPN Daily podcast.

“I have an open borders policy as a podcast. All are welcome, but I’m specifically appealing to people who want a little bit more of that magazine curation. What if I gave you one thing today, and that thing was the thing you needed, and what if that thing is deliberately different from every other way you consume sports? That’s the premise.”

Show notes:

  • @pablotorre
  • pablotorre.squarespace.com
  • Torre on Longform
  • Torre on Longform Podcast
  • Torre’s ESPN Daily archive
  • 11:00 "Sue Bird on the WNBA Finals, Retirement, and a Career Like No Other" (Torre • ESPN • Sept 2022)
  • 15:00 "The Survivor: From the Holocaust to the Munich Massacre, One Athlete’s Incredible Story" (Torre • ESPN • Sept 2022)
  • 18:00 "The No. 16 Seed University of Maryland Baltimore County Topples Virginia in a Historic Sports Upset" (Ian Crouch • New Yorker • March 2018)
  • 21:00 "Inside Jeremy Lin’s Life After Linsanity and the New York Knicks" (ESPN The Magazine • March 2015)
  • 21:00 "The 76ers Plan to Win (Yes, Really)" (ESPN The Magazine • Jan 2015)
  • 23:00 "WATCH: Sixers Fans Get Married at NBA Draft Lottery Party" (Nihal Kolur • Sports Illustrated • May 2018)
  • 27:00 "How (and Why) Athletes Go Broke" (Sports Illustrated • March 2009)

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 2022-09-21  52m