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This show focuses on the technical production of audio podcasts. Chris Curran chats with podcasters about their audio equipment, software and workflow to help you learn how to produce better sounding podcasts. You’ll also learn solutions to common audio issues as well as plenty of tips and tricks. By listening to this show you will gain a TON of knowledge and skills that will make a HUGE difference in your sound quality _and_ save you time! Subscribe/Follow today and start listening! Your host Chris Curran has a background in podcast production (Forbes, Dun & Bradstreet, J&J, etc) as well as music production (Sarah McLachlan, Jeff Buckley, Foreigner, etc). When he entered podcasting in 2012, he noticed that most podcasters (and producers) do not have a good understanding of fundamental audio engineering concepts, which sabotages the quality of their sound from the very beginning. This show, as well as Podcast Engineering School, helps podcasters and producers reach professional levels of podcast audio production.


episode 239: Mistakes I’ve Made Producing Podcasts

Today I’m going to discuss some mistakes I’ve made producing podcasts.

Microphone: In this episode I’m using my Electro-Voice RE320 microphone plugged into my Neve Portico II channel strip (using compression, EQ and a bit of saturation). The same microphone you see in my daily short videos here.

I mention a recent hiking experience I had where a guy who saw my shirt (which says Ask Me About My Podcast) and asked, "What's your podcast?" And then immediately added, "JUST KIDDING!” We all laughed and he didn’t ask again so I didn’t mention my podcast at all. HA

Mistakes I’ve Made Producing Podcasts:

  • I published one of my client’s episodes with 30 seconds of silence at the beginning. The client alerted me and I fixed it immediately.
  • During an online recording session, after a participant dropped off and then returned, I forgot to press record again in Squadcast, but of course I was recording a local backup which I ended up using (though it was a bit of a pain because all participants were mixed together in the backup recording). NOTE: Squadcast fixed this issue a long time ago.
  • On an in-person recording session I forgot to hit record and realized it after about 5 minutes so we had to start the episode over again and sort of feign authentic enthusiasm when redoing the intro.
  • I've mixed audio on my monitor speakers while mistakenly using the calibration profile for my headphones.
  • Untold inaccuracies using processors too aggressively, or not aggressively enough — Compression, de-noise, de-plosive, EQ, etc.

Other Notes:

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