Good One: A Podcast About Jokes

Good One: A Podcast About Jokes is a podcast about - well - jokes, and the people who tell them. Each week, a comedian will play one of their jokes and then break it down with Senior Editor Jesse David Fox.


episode 135: Kevin Smith's Clerks

This week on Good One, host Jesse David Fox is joined by famed filmmaker Kevin Smith! The director, actor, writer, comedian, podcaster, etc came to prominence in 1994 with his first film Clerks, which became an instant cult classic. Since then he's known for his subsequent hit films Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and so many more.

Kevin's newest film, Clerks III, rounds out the Clerks Trilogy, and is a love letter to his younger self and that younger self's artistic vision. Join him and Jesse as they laugh and cry—yes, cry—over the mainstream-ification of nerd culture, the role fans and critics played in the shaping of Clerks III, just how Kevin's career has finally come full circle, and so much more.

Check Fathom Events to see if Clerks III is available in a theater near you and to see if the Convenience Tour is coming to your town. Follow Kevin Smith on Instagram and Twitter. Follow Jesse David Fox on Twitter and Instagram.

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 2022-09-22  1h48m