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episode 180: Taking Your Puppy To A Café Or Restaurant: Socialization Success #180

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When you have a new puppy, safe socializing is important. Something to consider is taking a pup to outdoor cafes or restaurants. When you do it right, there are many benefits. But if done badly, your puppy could end up overwhelmed or having a bad experience and becoming fearful. I’m covering all the steps to grow your puppy’s confidence when dining out at a pet-friendly venue so you can enjoy a coffee or meal with family and friends.


In the episode you'll hear:


• All the benefits of taking your puppy to an outdoor café, restaurant, or similar.
• That planning and preparing starts with knowing your puppy.
• How growing confidence in new environments is crucial.
• Why to have a backup plan and what that could be.
• The three games that prepare puppies to relax in new spaces.
• What to bring (and not bring) to the restaurant.
• Tips on what to practice at home before going to new locations.
• How to be intentional about picking the right table in the right location.
• The training plan I use when I have my puppies out at cafes or restaurants.
• All the steps to making dining out with you a positive experience for your puppy.


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 2022-09-23  18m