Jughead's Basement

Jughead's Basement is hosted by Screeching Weasel, Mopes, and Even In Blackouts' co-founder John Jughead Pierson.  The podcast has three subcategories: Dissections of punk records.  Long-form interviews of punk & alternative musicians, comedians, and underground performers.  Plus, lastly, an old fashion radio adventure that tells the twisted tale of two men attached to one body roaming an unknown mansion meeting and interviewing different guests every episode.



episode 141: Episode 141: Warren Fitzgerald of The Vandals on LoFi Interviews with HiFi Guests

Episode 141: Warren Fitzgerald of The Vandals, Oingo Boingo, and studio work with Tenacious D, Danny Elfman, Jughead's Revenge and many more, talks to us about Being On The Spectrum, Opposites Naturally Manifest, How Do You Seep, The Art Book Punk Rock & Paint Brushes, Does Humor Protect From Intimacy, Working With Danny Elfman, Vandals' Humor & Bad Reviews, Warren As Meta-Forrest Ranger plus much much enantiodromia more.



 2022-09-27  1h35m