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episode 10: Troubleshooting And Alerting On Kubernetes

In this episode, Michael catches up with Natan Yellin, CEO of Michael and Ned chat about how logging and troubleshooting works in Kubernetes today. They discuss three stages of troubleshooting evolution – manual playbooks, automatic playbooks, and the third stage, which is what you do with logs and how automatic remediation can come into play for any Kubernetes environment.
We discuss:

* Natan’s background
* The limits of Slack Ops
* The downsides of CPU limits on Kubernetes
* More

Show Links:
For the love of god, stop using CPU limits on Kubernetes (updated) – Robusta Blog
Devops with Grandma Sue: What is Kubernetes? – Robusta YouTube
@aantn – Natan Yellin on Twitter
Natan Yellin on LinkedIn
Your Host:
Michael Levan brings his background in system administration, software development, and DevOps to this podcast. He has Kubernetes experience as both a developer and infrastructure engineer. He’s also a consultant and Pluralsight author. You can also see his free instructional videos on YouTube.


 2022-09-29  39m